ceiling decor using artificial plants

The Green Envee Team are here to help you turn your artificial planting ideas into reality. All you need to do is describe your design, tell us what you aim to achieve and we'll find the artificial plants, replica trees and faux green wall foliage to fit the bill. We'll even install them for you if you'd like us to.

Our team are experienced in using faux foliage and flowers to bring your designs to life. If you are creating an enhanced customer experience for the retail or hospitality areas, you'll find that our superior quality products are easy to handle, extremely durable and very long lasting, both indoors and outdoors. For private projects, your clients will be delighted with the realistic appearance, intricate detailing and easy maintenance of our high quality artificial planting solutions.

retail interior decorated with artificial plants

Take a look at our gallery for examples of the Green Envee artificial planting solutions created in collaboration with some of the world's finest designers.

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We also have some detailed case studies on our projects page

Or better still, talk to the Green Envee team to discuss your artificial planting ideas, you can be assured of the very best attention from our procurement and installation teams.

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