Artificial Planting Solutions For Landscapers

Not every site is suitable for planting. Poor soil, no water, lack of natural light or a client who wants a no-maintenance outdoor space, can lead to a very dull design. Unless of course, you opt for Green Envee’s artificial planting solutions.
  • Artificial Grass
  • Faux green wall panels
  • Replica trees
  • Pots and Planters

artificial grass in modern garden

how to create an artificial green wall

Superior Landscaping Materials

Every single product supplied by Green Envee reaches the highest quality standards. We know that you want your gardens to look as good in 5 years time as they did when you left the site and so we take the greatest care to ensure durability and UV stability in everything that we supply.

Click on the links to review technical information on our artificial grass and our artificial green wall panels or better still, request samples and judge for yourself.

More about Green Envee's artificial grass

More about artificial green wall panels

Why buy from Green Envee?

Our close relationship with sister-company Arbour Landscape Solutions means that we understand perfectly what landscapers need. Timely deliveries, sensible prices, good quality products and efficient customer service are at the heart of our business. We’re here to help you with design issues, technical information and any support you may need.

hedge created using artificial green wall panels
tiny garden with cedar battens and artificial green walls

Opportunities for Landscapers

From time to time, Green Envee are asked to recommend installers for artificial grass and green wall panels – could you be on our list of suppliers?

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