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24/07/2020 Interior Design Improving the retail experience. Could plants save our high streets
There’s no doubt about it. Consumer behaviour is changing. They’re leaving the high street and buying...
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29/06/2020 Artificial Plants Recycling Artificial Plants
Recycling Artificial Plants The Green Envee Team are keen to ensure that when any of our products have served their...
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29/06/2020 Artificial Plants Mixing real and faux plants for spectacular interiors
In this article we’re looking at the advantages of mixing real and artificial plants in biophilic interior design.
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29/06/2020 Artificial Plants How Green are Green Envee’s Artificial Plants
The media is warning us of the environmental risk of failing to recycling plastics properly. So could artificial plants...
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24/06/2020 Case Studies Creating an Indoor Landscape for a London Cafe
Green Envee recently teamed up with Scotscape to create an opulent interior for H&M’s Pleats Café in...
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24/06/2020 Latest News Discover new artificial planting solutions at our lunch and learn sessions
Artificial planting solutions are becoming more popular with architects, interior designers, garden designers and...
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22/06/2020 Garden Design Designing corporate outdoor spaces
When it comes to workspace, interior design is important. But have you thought how the outside of a building can...
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