Can You Use Faux Plants in Your Biophilic Space

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09/08/2023 - Interior Design

Experience the Benefits: Studies suggest that artificial plants can have the same positive impact on mental health as real ones. Creating a calming work environment can significantly boost productivity and employee engagement, particularly in these uncertain times.

Improve Employee Well-being: Just the sight of lush greenery can lower your heart rate and alleviate stress. Incorporating nature into your business designs will not only appeal to your employees but also promote their overall health and happiness.

Biophilic design is not just a trend; it's a transformative way to enhance your workspace and create a tranquil haven for your team. Let Green Envee Artificial Planting Solutions help you make your office a sanctuary of productivity and well-being!

Biophilic design aims to bring nature into our indoor spaces, promoting well-being and connection with the natural world. One of the key elements of biophilic design is the use of living plants to create a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment. However, maintaining real plants can be challenging for some individuals due to various factors such as lack of time, sunlight, or green thumbs. This is where artificial plant solutions, like those offered by Green Envee, come into play. In this article, we will explore the possibility of incorporating faux plants into your biophilic space and the benefits they can bring.

1. The Appeal of Biophilic Design:

Biophilic design is rooted in our innate desire to be connected with nature. By incorporating natural elements into our indoor spaces, we can create environments that enhance our well-being, reduce stress, and improve productivity. Real plants have long been the go-to choice for biophilic design due to their ability to purify the air, improve acoustics, and create a visually pleasing atmosphere. However, faux plants have come a long way in terms of realism and quality, making them a viable option for those seeking a low-maintenance alternative.

2. Realistic Aesthetics:

One of the main concerns when considering artificial plants is whether they can convincingly replicate the beauty and vibrancy of real foliage. Green Envee's artificial plant solutions are designed to mimic nature as closely as possible. From the texture of leaves to the intricate details of flowers, these faux plants can blend seamlessly into your biophilic space. With advancements in technology, the quality and realism of artificial plants have significantly improved, making it difficult to distinguish them from their living counterparts.

3. Low Maintenance:

While real plants require regular care, including watering, pruning, and monitoring for pests, faux plants offer a maintenance-free alternative. For individuals with busy schedules or those lacking a green thumb, our artificial plants and artificial green wall panels provide the beauty and greenery of real plants without the need for ongoing care. This makes them an excellent choice for spaces where real plants may struggle to thrive due to low light conditions or lack of proper airflow.

4. Versatility and Design Freedom:

One advantage of incorporating faux plants into your biophilic space is the freedom to experiment with various design ideas. Real plants have specific needs in terms of light, temperature, and humidity, limiting their placement within a space. Faux plants, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere without worrying about their survival. This flexibility allows you to create a biophilic environment in areas that are typically unsuitable for living plants, such as windowless rooms or high-traffic areas. Check out some of our artificial green wall projects here.

5. Sustainable Solution:

Green Envee's artificial plant solutions are designed with sustainability in mind. By opting for faux plants, you reduce the demand for real plants that may be sourced from ecologically sensitive areas. Additionally, artificial plants eliminate the need for pesticides, fertilisers, and excessive water consumption, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Furthermore, these faux plants are crafted using high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for replacements.


Incorporating faux plants into your biophilic space can be a practical and visually appealing choice, especially if you face constraints with maintaining real plants. Green Envee's artificial plant solutions provide a realistic and sustainable alternative that allows you to enjoy the benefits of biophilic design without the ongoing maintenance requirements. Whether you're seeking a low-maintenance solution, design freedom, or a touch of greenery in unconventional spaces, artificial plants can complement your biophilic space while enhancing the overall aesthetic and well-being.

Contact us today to explore our wide range of lifelike artificial plant options and find the perfect fit for your space. Together, we'll bring nature's harmony to your workplace and foster a positive, vibrant atmosphere.