Green Envee's Commitment to Sustainability

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09/11/2023 - Latest News

At Green Envee, we are frequently asked about sustainability. Sustainability is more than just a trendy term—it's a fundamental way of life. We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and constantly improving our eco-friendly practices. In this blog, we highlight a selection of procedures we have in place at head office as well as with our manufacturers.
We have chosen to work with our manufacturers after conducting extensive research into their established processes and the measures they have in place to uphold sustainability. This careful selection ensures that our partners share our values and contribute to our eco-friendly mission. 🌱
In our view, sustainable products should use:
- Fewer natural resources
- Contain fewer hazardous materials
- Have a longer lifespan
- Consume less energy or water in production or use
- Be able to be reused or recycled upon disposal
- Generate less waste upon the end of their lifespan.
Read on for more information on how we are working towards a greener future.

1. 🌳 Sustainably Managed Woodland


Our bespoke trees are crafted from decommissioned trunks and branches sourced from responsibly managed woodland farms. This meticulous process ensures that new growth is stimulated, fostering a healthier ecosystem.

2. 🌳 Designed for Longevity

Every creation is painstakingly crafted to last. Unlike disposable items that end up in landfills, our products are constructed to last. Our products maintain their appearance, colour, and structural integrity for many years.

3. 🌱 Plant a Tree

With every bespoke order received, our manufacturer will plant a tree. This initiative gives back to the earth and makes a significant contribution to the battle against climate change. Planting trees is one of the most effective methods to offset carbon emissions. Each tree planted offsets one pound of carbon, meaning every bespoke order aids in reducing our collective carbon footprint.

4. πŸ”„ Recycling Scheme

The Green Envee Team are keen to ensure that when any of our products have served their purpose, they are properly disposed of. The benefits of using faux plants in this busy day and age are numerous. Low maintenance, no water wastage, no pesticides, no nitrogen leaching into water courses, and of course they offer some of the biophilic benefits of living plants but without the need for special indoor lighting. Plastic is not your enemy, disposing of it wrongly is.

All of Green Envee’s products can be recycled. In fact, we ensure that as many as possible of our artificial plants and surfaces are made from recycled materials too. Green Envee have pledged to ensure that our products are disposed of responsibly. If your faux foliage was supplied by Green Envee and your local recycling centre is not yet able to recycle it, we strongly urge you to get in touch with us. We will help you to find a recycling centre and if all else fails, we will help you to return the products to us so that we can make sure they are recycled by a specialist company.

5. 🚚 Use of Local Suppliers and Couriers


At Green Envee, we prioritise sourcing materials from local suppliers and working with couriers who share our commitment to sustainability. By choosing local partners, we reduce the transportation emissions associated with our operations. This not only supports our local economy but also helps us lower our overall carbon footprint.


6. πŸ“¦ Sustainable Shipping


In our effort to minimise waste and operate sustainably, we prioritise recycling cardboard packaging materials. By doing so, we not only reduce waste but also contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. This practice aligns with our dedication to environmental responsibility, as it decreases the demand for landfill space and promotes a more sustainable approach to shipping.


7. β˜€οΈ Using Renewable Energy and Reducing Office Energy Consumption


Green Envee is committed to harnessing the power of renewable energy sources to fuel our operations. At our manufacturer's head office, they use solar panels which play a significant role in this endeavour, allowing them to generate clean, sustainable energy. In addition to solar power, we implement energy-saving measures within our office spaces. This includes the use of energy-efficient LED light bulbs, motion sensor lights, and a conscientious effort to switch off appliances when not in use. These steps contribute to a reduction in our overall energy consumption.


8. 🚴 Cycle to Work Scheme


In an effort to reduce vehicle emissions and promote a healthier, more sustainable mode of transportation, Green Envee has implemented a Cycle to Work scheme. This initiative encourages our team members to use bicycles as their primary mode of commuting, cutting down on the need for vehicle use. Additionally, we actively promote walking when feasible. By adopting these practices, we aim to further minimise our environmental impact and contribute to a greener future.


Taking steps towards a greener future is not just a commitment, but a responsibility that lies at the core of our values. Contact us to find out more.🌿🌍 

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