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24/05/2022 - Artificial Green Walls

Taking time to prioritise workplace wellbeing should be high on the agenda.

The health and wellbeing of employees should be of prime importance to an organisation as these are the ones representing your brand on a day-to-day basis.  There are simple steps to improve wellbeing in the workplace.  When an environment is attractive, it has been proven that productivity increases.  This can help businesses increase revenue, employees will therefore feel more valued and less likely to leave or have time off for sickness.

No matter what type of business you have, there are many benefits to installing artificial green wall panels and artificial plants. Here we explain how your business can benefit from biophilic design and artificial green walls whilst also improving the wellbeing of employees in the workplace.  Biophilic design is trending and the colour green is getting its moment in the popularity contests.  Biophilic design suggests that humans love nature and want to connect with it so the idea is to bring nature into the built environment to improve the surroundings and create calmness in the office.


Odette Walden, owner of Green Envee says,

“There are now many studies that suggest artificial plants can have the same benefit on mental health as real ones.  Creating calmness in a work environment can even boost productivity and engagement.  It is such an uncertain time, anything we can do to gain a sense of calmness can only be a good thing.  Incorporating nature into your overall business designs will be very appealing to employees.”

It is even good for your health. Just looking at something green can decrease your heart rate and alleviate stress.  The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence even prescribes a walk in a landscaped space for those suffering from mental illness.


There are so many benefits to using artificial green walls in your office space:

Reduce noise levels
You can help to create a more natural working environment with reduced background noise that is also pleasing to the eye.

Create a sense of calm
We all need to surround ourselves with a sense of peace and calm during these uncertain times. Introducing biophilic design elements into your office space is a great way to reduce anxiety and workplace stress levels. We are all calmer after we have spent time outdoors surrounded by trees and plants. This effect is easily recreated when you install artificial green walls indoors.

Increase productivity
Interior design can have a huge impact on productivity. A light, airy and nature-filled office space will boost productivity as opposed to a dark and cluttered space.

Simple yet effective office design
Businesses need to count every penny and even though redesigning the office space may seem like an unnecessary cost, the introduction of artificial green wall panels is fairly inexpensive and will reap many of the above benefits.


Have you given any thought to your corporate outdoor spaces?

It is also worth thinking about your corporate outdoor spaces too. An outdoor retreat is one way of helping colleagues to de-stress during the day. Make a lovely place to eat lunch or enjoy a coffee break by greening up areas for employees!

Even if you have no accessible outdoor space, there may be opportunities to give everyone inside the building a much better view from the window by adding a green wall or green roof.  This is so much more attractive than bare bricks. Window boxes are also great and using faux flowers and foliage, will give you all of the visual elements with none of the work.


Here are our top four recent projects where we have contributed to workplace wellbeing:

1. Berkeley Homes South New Office

We were contacted by Scotscape to provide green walls for a new office for Berkeley Homes South.  The client wanted to increase the amount of greenery on the office floor due to the many benefits associated with biophilic design.

The green walls work on so many levels. Not only is the product low maintenance, but the green walls also help to reduce noise levels as they act as a natural sound buffer, especially in a large open plan office. 

The green walls have created a more natural working environment and are also pleasing to the eye. The walls can even create a sense of calm helping to reduce workplace stress levels, therefore, having an impact on productivity.

2. Co-working space at New Makers Yard, Manchester

The Green Envee team recently installed green walls and foliage to a super stylish co-working space at a new housing development called New Makers Yard. We worked with Koncept Interior Design, a leading interior design team based in Manchester on behalf of Get Living.

Koncept Interior Design chose artificial foliage for long-lasting results that will look great for years to come. The trailing planters, ivy bushes, vanilla grass, and ferns really enhance the look and feel of the space.

3. Meeting space at Minster building, London

Designed by Oktra, we supplied the trailing artificial plants for both the breakout space and meeting space as part of Charles Taylor’s London HQ office redesign.

4. Office refurb at Artemis Interior Services

As more and more businesses return to the office, we are getting lots of enquiries to improve workspaces to enhance surroundings and improve the general ambiance.

We worked with Artemis Interior Services who gave us the brief to liven up their office with a little bit of greenery that would need absolutely no maintenance.

The brief was met by transforming their outdoor terrace with our artificial grass, adding artificial green wall panels to their meeting spaces, and improving the general office decor with lots of artificial potted plants.

Get in touch

Here at Green Envee, we are able to design and install artificial green wall panels for any type of business. We can help to advise you on the best type of artificial green walls, plants, and flowers to use for your space and needs. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact Odette today! 

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