Recycling Artificial Plants

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29/06/2020 - Artificial Plants

Recycling Artificial Plants
The Green Envee Team are keen to ensure that when any of our products have served their purpose, they are properly disposed of. Find out what we do as a company to safeguard the environment.

Artificial plants and artificial grass. Love em or loath them, they are appearing more and more in green walls, interior design and yes, in landscaping too

artificial plants creating interior green wall

artificial lawn on sky terrace in londons docklands

The benefits of using faux plants in this busy day and age are numerous. Low maintenance, no water wastage, no nitrogen leaching into water courses, and of course they offer some of the biophilic benefits of living plants but without the need for special indoor lighting. As with most things in life, for every advantage, there is a disadvantage and one of the things that put people off using replica plants is the use of plastic.
Sending plastic to landfill needs to stop

Plastic is not your enemy – disposing of it wrongly is

Plastic, polyethylene, polyvinyl, call it what you will – doesn’t rot down the same way that plant material does. It cannot be digested by the bacteria that allow natural materials to be returned to the soil. In some ways, that’s good. Your faux plants will not attract bugs or disintegrate over time. They’ll always look fresh and vibrant.
However, if you get bored with your artificial plants or if your artificial turf starts to wear out, they need to be disposed of responsibly.
All of Green Envee’s products can be recycled. In fact we ensure that as many as possible of our artificial plants and surfaces are made from recycled materials too.
However, unfortunately the UK recycling industry is still in its infancy and not every recycling centre has the facilities to deal with every type of plastic.

Help with recycling Green Envee Products

At the time of writing, Green Envee Products hold (in varying proportions)

    Recycle number
PETE Polyethylene Terephthalate 1
HDPE High Density Polyethylene 2
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride 3
LDPE Low Density Polyethylene 4

Green Envee have pledged to ensure that our products are disposed of responsibly.
If your faux foliage or artificial grass was supplied by Green Envee and your local recycling centre is not yet able to recycle it, we strongly urge you to get in touch with us before you consider throwing it away.
We will help you to find a recycling centre and if all else fails, we will help you to return the products to us so that we can make sure they are recycled by a specialist company.
Contact the Green Envee team by phone or email
Please don’t send products to our office address though – we have no storage facilities here!