Transforming an outdoor space with our artificial green walls

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07/01/2021 - Artificial Green Walls

What is an artificial green wall?

Artificial green walls are now a huge part of interior and exterior designs. There are many different styles and arrangements to choose from and they can be placed anywhere.

Many business and home owners now opt for artificial green wall panels because they won't fade, don't need watering, are visually appealing and incredibly low maintenance.

Main benefits of installing an artificial green wall:

  • Durable and weather resistant
Our products are UV protected to keep them looking pristine all year round.  With the UK’s lack of sunshine, it is not easy for living walls to grow.  
  • Versatile
Green walls can cover up unappealing backgrounds such as brick walls, fences or panels.
  • Low maintenance

No watering, weeding, deadheading or pruning!  We can even install it for you.

From dark, unappealing walls to a tropical oasis

Artificial plants and flowers are getting better and better and at Green Envee we only supply the highest quality and most realistic looking products.  

We can dramatically transform any outdoor area, giving your next project instant appeal. 


We have helped to transform many outdoor spaces in 2020 including:

  • Supplying a green wall panel as a backdrop to a swimming pool.  The homeowners added in a water feature which looks and sounds idyllic. We loved this idea as not only does it look great, it will continue to look great all year round. No leaves will fall in the water and the artificial plants are even UV protected!
  • Improving a basement courtyard of a property in North London.  We used the Paris and Monaco green wall panel products together as they complement each other beautifully. The view from the basement TV room was previously a dull, plain brick wall.  We transformed it in to a lush, verdant and exciting green wall.  The courtyard is now a great place for relaxation and entertaining.
  • Creating a relaxing and inviting oasis in a garden with a hot tub.  With hot tub sales sky rocketing during lockdown, we were asked to provide our Milan green wall panels to dress an outdoor space of a property in Warwickshire. The splash of colour from the sprays of blue flowers and the bubbles from the hot tub have created an area that you might not want to leave!
  • Transforming an outdoor space in to a ‘garden getaway.’ In 2020, a record number of gardens have been renovated to create a haven to escape and unwind.  We helped to create a garden getaway at this property in Leeds with our green wall panels.
  • Changing plain garden fencing into a showstopper outdoor space. Using our Milan green wall panels and Stark and Greensmith’s metal screens, we think this look could trend in 2021!