Harpenden Balcony

Type of project: Balcony refurbishment

We recently completed an exciting project in Harpenden, where we transformed a flat's long balcony with stunning upgrades. 

Stunning balcony upgrade

We recently completed an exciting project in Harpenden, where we transformed a flat's long balcony with stunning upgrades. The client had been facing challenges in maintaining real plants, leading them to seek an alternative solution.


Lack of sunlight

The client desired a green and vibrant balcony space but struggled to keep real plants alive due to various factors such as sunlight exposure, maintenance difficulties, and planters' conditions. This posed a challenge in achieving the desired aesthetic and creating a serene outdoor area for the residents to enjoy.


Vibrant and green ambiance

To address the client's challenges, we recommended the use of Green Envee artificial plants. These high-quality and realistic plants offered the perfect solution for the balcony transformation. We carefully selected beautiful buxus plants, known for their lush appearance, to fill each planter. The installation of Green Envee artificial plants instantly brought life to the balcony, creating a vibrant and green ambiance. The buxus plants were carefully arranged, providing a dense and uniform look that enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. Additionally, the artificial plants offered an added advantage of privacy. By strategically placing the plants, we ensured that residents could enjoy their balcony oasis without worrying about prying eyes. The combination of lush greenery and enhanced privacy created a tranquil and inviting atmosphere for the residents to relax and unwind. The project's outcome exceeded expectations, leaving both the client and our team thrilled with the results. The Green Envee artificial plants proved to be an excellent choice, offering a low-maintenance and long-lasting solution for creating a beautiful balcony space in Harpenden. If you're facing similar challenges in maintaining real plants or seeking a hassle-free way to enhance your outdoor area, consider Green Envee artificial plants. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of transforming your space with stunning and realistic greenery.

CreditsInstaller: Green Envee
Designer: Green Envee
Supplier: Green Envee
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