CLP Insurance New Office

Type of project: Office fit out

Enhance the new open-plan office's entrance area with greenery to create an inviting atmosphere.

Create an inviting atmosphere

We had the pleasure of working with Michele Sutton at CLP Insurance to enhance their brand-new open-plan office. They wanted to infuse their entrance area with the beauty of greenery.


Create the desired aesthetic

Variety of Plants: The entrance area required a diverse selection of plants with varying heights and shapes to achieve the desired aesthetic. Design and Installation: Designing the plant layout and executing a seamless installation presented logistical challenges.


Design, supply and install

Plant Variety: Green Envee's team designed a plant layout featuring a wide variety of plants, ensuring an engaging and harmonious visual appeal for CLP Insurance's entrance area. Professional Installation: Rebecca and Odette, took charge of supplying and installing the plants, ensuring a smooth and successful transformation. The collaboration between Green Envee and CLP Insurance resulted in the successful enhancement of the open-plan office's entrance area. The installation of a diverse range of plants, meticulously designed and professionally executed, created an inviting atmosphere, reflecting the client's vision. This case study showcases the capabilities of Green Envee's Artificial Planting Solutions in meeting the unique needs of clients. We are committed to transforming spaces into lush and vibrant environments, providing both aesthetic appeal and a welcoming atmosphere.

CreditsInstaller: Green Envee
Designer: Green Envee
Contractor: CLP Insurance
Supplier: Green Envee
KeywordsArtificial plants, artificial greenery, planters, office fit out, artificial foliage, insurance brokers, city of London, London.
Client: CLP Insurance New Office Office fit out City of London
The ladies at Green Envee are super lovely and easy to deal with. We loved the office display that they put together for us. Michele Sutton
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