Collyer Bristow

Type of project: Christmas Decor

Collyer Bristow Solicitors, a distinguished law firm situated in the City of London, contacted us to enhance their office spaces for the festive season. 

Festive Focus

The primary objective was to bring a festive and sophisticated atmosphere to their offices, breakout rooms, and meeting spaces. The focus was on trees and garlands adorned with lush greens and traditional London-themed baubles, including double-decker buses, Big Ben replicas, and red telephone boxes, offering a nod to the iconic elements of the city.


Festivity with Professionalism

Balancing Festivity with Professionalism: The challenge was to infuse holiday cheer while maintaining the professional and serious ambiance expected in a legal setting. The decorations needed to be visually appealing without detracting from the firm's corporate image. Customising Decor for Varied Spaces: Collyer Bristow Solicitors' office comprised diverse spaces with distinct functions. Each area presented a unique challenge in terms of creating a cohesive yet tailored decoration scheme, particularly in meeting rooms for clients that required a balance of formality and festive spirit. Artificial Planting Authenticity: As suppliers and installers of artificial plants, maintaining authenticity was vital. Ensuring that the artificial trees and garlands looked natural and vibrant was crucial to delivering a visually pleasing and realistic festive transformation.


Tailored Artificial Decor Packages

Green Envee designed and supplied customised artificial decor packages that seamlessly blended lush greens with traditional London-themed baubles. The artificial trees and garlands were carefully selected to enhance the festive atmosphere while meeting the firm's professional standards. Strategic Placement for Impact: The installation process involved strategic placement of trees and garlands in key areas, ensuring a harmonious flow throughout the office. Meeting rooms received decor that complemented the formality of client interactions, while breakout spaces embraced a more relaxed and inviting festive feel. Realistic Artificial Planting Solutions: Leveraging our expertise in artificial planting, Green Envee delivered lifelike trees and garlands that captured the essence of real greenery. The artificial plants retained freshness throughout the holiday season, eliminating maintenance concerns while offering a sustainable and eco-friendly decor solution. The success of this project showcased the versatility of artificial planting solutions in delivering impactful and sustainable festive decor for professional settings. The collaboration not only achieved the client's vision for a sophisticated holiday ambiance but also highlighted the potential of artificial plants to enhance interior spaces with minimal maintenance requirements.

CreditsInstaller: Green Envee
Designer: Green Envee
Contractor: Collyer Bristow
Supplier: Green Envee
KeywordsChristmas Corporate Decorations, City of London, Interior Design, Festive Decor
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