American Hotel Chain

Type of project: Hotel Refurbishment

Seamlessly blend nature and sophistication while meeting the growing demand for sustainable and aesthetically pleasing interior designs in 2023.

Bespoke Installation

We were presented with a unique opportunity to enhance a hotel space in Ireland through a bespoke green installation.


Beauty of Nature Indoors

The challenge lay in creating installations that not only brought the beauty of nature indoors but also harmonised with the sophistication of urban architecture. The objective was to strike a balance that captivated the essence of both elements. With the rising popularity of ferns, there was a need to stay ahead of interior design trends. Large baskets and hanging trailing foliage were in demand, requiring Green Envee to integrate these elements seamlessly into their installations.


Green Sanctuary

The suspended plants, strategically placed to complement dark wood paneling, achieved the desired blend, creating a visually stunning impact. The installations transformed city spaces into green sanctuaries, meeting the challenge of integrating vibrant greenery into the urban backdrop. By offering bespoke projects that included large baskets and hanging trailing foliage, Green Envee not only followed the fern trend but set a new standard for urban oasis vibes.

ProductsArtificial ferns, artificial plants, faux foliage, artificial foliage.KeywordsArtificial ferns, artificial plants, faux foliage, artificial foliage.
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