Bank Food&Drink Restaurant Refurb

Type of project: Restaurant Fit Out

Elevate the dining ambiance with a unique refurbishment.

High end with a budget to match!

Our client, a high-end restaurant in Mill Hill, London, sought to elevate their dining ambiance with a unique refurbishment project. They desired an extraordinary atmosphere that exuded sophistication and style, with a budget to accommodate premium solutions.


Old warehouse transformation

Transforming an old warehouse into a luxurious dining space posed several challenges. We needed to integrate artificial plants seamlessly into the design to create a vibrant, natural ambiance. Additionally, the client emphasised the importance of ensuring the artificial plants looked indistinguishable from real ones to maintain authenticity.


Premium long lasting greenery

From planting behind seating areas to adorning the bar and other key areas, each placement was carefully considered to enhance the dining experience. By choosing high-quality artificial plants that closely resembled their real counterparts, we achieved a stunning result. Guests now enjoy the lush greenery without ever suspecting they're artificial, adding an element of charm and elegance to the restaurant.

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