Furnitubes Showroom

Type of project: Showroom Launch

Furnitubes, Green Envee, and Atrium collaborated to create an innovative outdoor display area in Shoreditch. 

Create an innovative outdoor area

Furnitubes, Green Envee, and Atrium collaborated to create an innovative outdoor display area in Shoreditch. The project aimed to transform the urban space into a vibrant oasis by integrating artificial plant solutions, ambient lighting, and modular furniture. The objective was to showcase their expertise in creating inviting outdoor environments that require minimal maintenance.


Integration of elements

1. Harmoniously blending artificial plant solutions, ambient lighting, and modular furniture required meticulous planning and execution. Ensuring that each element complemented the others without overwhelming the space was crucial. 2. Realism and Low Maintenance: Green Envee's artificial plant solutions needed to not only look realistic but also require minimal maintenance. Achieving this balance was vital to ensure the longevity and appeal of the display area.


A synergy of like-minded businesses

1. Green Envee's Realistic Artificial Plants: we provided a range of artificial plant solutions that looked remarkably realistic. These plants were carefully selected and arranged to create a lush, inviting environment that thrived in the urban setting. 2. Atrium's Ambience-Enhancing Lighting: Atrium's expertise in ambient lighting played a crucial role. Their designs illuminated the space effectively, enhancing the overall atmosphere. 3. Furnitubes' Modular Furniture Solutions: The furniture was strategically placed to maximise the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the outdoor area. 4. Collaborative Design and Planning: The three companies worked closely together, ensuring that each element seamlessly integrated with the others. The layout and arrangement were meticulously planned to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. 5. Expert Consultation at the Showroom: To showcase their expertise and engage potential clients, the display area was set up in Atrium's showroom. This allows visitors to experience the transformation firsthand and discuss their own projects with the experts.

CreditsDesigner: Furnitubes
Supplier: Green Envee
KeywordsArtificial green wall panels, artificial plants, artificial planting solutions
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