The Wood Veneer Hub

Type of project: Office fit out

This project exemplifies the seamless integration of nature into corporate spaces, demonstrating how Green Envee's artificial plants can enhance any environment.

Transforming Corporate Spaces with Lush Green Walls

Green Envee Ltd collaborated with The Wood Veneer Hub at their new head office to introduce a refreshing touch of nature. The project focused on enhancing the ambiance by installing Green Envee's Artificial Green Wall Panels, creating a revitalising atmosphere for both employees and visitors.


Seamlessly Blending Nature and Corporate Aesthetics

The primary challenge was to integrate the vibrant, natural allure of Green Envee's artificial plants into the corporate environment. It required meticulous planning and execution to ensure that the green wall not only enlivened the space but also harmonised with the professional aesthetics of the head office.


Green Wall Panel Installation

The Green Envee and The Wood Veneer Hub teams worked collaboratively to install Green Envee's Artificial Green Wall Panels at the head office. Through careful design and precise implementation, the teams successfully transformed the meeting room into a lush oasis, providing a visually stunning and rejuvenating environment for meetings and collaborations.

CreditsSupplier: Green Envee
ProductsArtificial Green Wall Panels KeywordsArtificial plants, artificial green walls, wood panelling, faux foliage, office fit out, green wall panels.
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