Artemis Interiors

Type of project: Office refurbishment

As more businesses return to the office, we have been getting lots of enquiries to improve work spaces to enhance surroundings and improve the general ambiance.


Liven up the office!

As some of their employees were returning to the office in London, Artemis wanted to liven up the office with a little bit of greenery to welcome everybody back.


Ensuring everything was easy to manage on a day-to-day basis for a busy London office.

For internal artificial green walls and plants, a feather duster or a long pole duster will remove any dust and keep the wall and plants looking great. There is no need for chemicals or complicated cleaning regimes. Green Envee’s artificial green walls really are low maintenance. When caring for artificial grass, use a broom to keep it looking in top condition.


Office refurb using our artificial plants, grass and green wall.

The brief was met by transforming their outdoor terrace with our artificial grass, adding artificial green wall panels to their meeting spaces and improving the general office decor with lots of artificial potted plants.

CreditsInstaller: Green Envee
Contractor: Artemis Interiors
Supplier: Green Envee
KeywordsOffice refurbishment, interior design, refurbishment, office fit-out, office refurb, london office
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