Notting Hill Outdoor Screening

Type of project: Outdoor Screening Solutions

An attractive artificial green wall screens commercial buildings from view without compromising security.

Outdoor Screening Solution To Improve Residents' View

A newly refurbished housing development was devalued by the view on to a commercial premises.The Green Envee Team was asked to find a cost-effective way to screen improve the view.


No soil = No Landscaping. Or does it?

This site, as you can see from the photographs, is sadly lacking in soil. Neither is there easy access to water. Greenery is undoubtedly the very best way to add value to a property but in this case, to reinstate soil and provide living plants with everything they need, would be a major (and cost prohibitive!) undertaking.


Artificial Planting Solutions For Great Views

The Green Envee team made full use of existing features on site. "Rome" and "Milan" artificial green wall panels were attached to the security fence to effectively screen the view. Because the panels are light, the fence was easily able to support them. Within the space of a few hours, an unattractive boundary line was transformed into a verdant green hedge.

CreditsInstaller: Green Envee
Supplier: Green Envee
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