Colaba London

Type of project: Restaurant Decor

Green Envee installed this lovely green wall to compliment and enhance the decor in one of London's top Indian restaurants.

Interior Green Wall for Top Indian Restaurant

The owners of Colaba London asked for a top quality green wall for their restaurant. Low maintenance was one of their most important requirements. That and realistic looking foliage for an exotic look and feel.


A quick and easy installation

Green Envee green wall panels are easy to install and need no structural changes to a building. In this case, the panels (which come complete with fittings) were simply hung onto little hooks in the wall. To ensure a seamless finish, some of the panels were resized but this is a simple job and can be done on or off site.


Green Envee green wall panels for instant wall art

The owners of Colaba were delighted with their new green wall. The restaurant ambience was completely altered with this simple interior design solution. As an added bonus, with such an easy installation the labour cost was very reasonable too.

CreditsInstaller: Green Envee
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