Basement Refurbishment

Type of project: Light Well Improvement

A basement flat with a very boring view from the window is treated to a very much improved outlook. What a brilliant application for Green Envee's artificial green wall panels.

Disguising a dull brick wall

The view from this basement flat consisted of - well- a brick wall. Green Envee were tasked with the job of turning a basement light well into a tiny garden-esque space to improve the outlook of this dwelling.


Small spaces with very little natural light

Any basement light well is a challenge. These spaces tend to feel damp, enclosed and depressing. Lower light levels and very little ground space mean that living plants are difficult to accommodate.


Thinking outside the box

Turning a very boring brick facade into a lush, verdant and exciting green wall was easy using Green Envee's Rome and Milan green wall panels. These slimline, light weight panels were simply fixed to the wall using cup hooks. We won't pretend that it was easy working in such a confined space, but Green Envee installers are VERY adaptable and I think you'll agree, they did a sterling job.

CreditsInstaller: Green Envee
Supplier: Green Envee
ProductsArtificial green wall panelsKeywordsbasement, small garden, brick wall, garden design, exterior design, architecture, biophilic design
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