Lush Retail

Type of project: Retail Fit

Green Envee were asked to supply high quality artificial plants for this innovative interior design in the retail sector.

Using interior design for customer experience

Retail giant Lush wanted to re-think the interior of their flagship store to improve the customer experience. Biophilic design was at the top of their wish list. The brand is all about wellbeing, relaxation and a healthy planet. They also wanted the brand name "Lush" to be reflected in lush vegetation.


Plants for the retail environment

Introducing plants into a retail environment poses several problems. Artificial lighting does not provide living plants with all they need. Most indoor plants are sensitive to temperature and/or humidity and have different needs to shoppers. Constantly touching living plants can damage the foliage leaving it looking tattered, brown and unhealthy. Living plants need just the right amount of watering. Retail staff are too busy to take on plant care as well as customer care.


Faux plants for lower maintenance and resilience

The interior designers chose to use a healthy mixture of living and faux plants. Living plants to bring all of the wonderful benefits of cleaner air and great energy. Faux plants to reduce maintenance, overcome the challenges of caring for living indoor plants. The mix of living and artificial planting gives a great aesthetic, creates a lush, verdant interior and offers a memorable customer experience.

CreditsSupplier: Green Envee
ProductsArtificial trailing plants, artificial foliage plantsKeywordsinterior design, shop interiors, retail experience, biophilic design
Client: Lush Retail Retail Fit Oxford Street, London
Odette was very proactive and the product really looks superb. The client is very impressed. Here's to the next one! Sarah Ray (Lush Marketing)
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