Paul Newman Landscapes

Type of project: Domestic Garden

A peaceful courtyard garden using low maintenance materials for a truly user-friendly experience.

Maximum style with minimal maintenance

Paul's clients requested a stylish outdoor space with plenty of room for relaxing and entertainment. Their busy lifestyle means that they just don't have time for gardening. They do however value plants and greenery for their ambience and benefits to wellbeing.


A project that is not plant-friendly

Even low maintenance plants need sunlight and water in order to survive. Sadly in this garden space, both are somewhat scarce. Meaning that living plants would struggle to retain their good looks without a lot of TLC.


Replica plants add style with not hassle

A long term friend and customer of Green Envee, garden designer and landscaper Paul Newman opted to include our artificial green wall panels for several reasons. 1. they are very low maintenance 2. no need for sunshine or irrigation 3. the slim profile doesn't use any of the valuable floor space 4. installation is easy and needs no specialist skills

CreditsDesigner: Paul Newman Landscapes
Contractor: Paul Newman Landscapes
Supplier: Green Envee
ProductsGreen Envee Rome and Milan artificial green wall panelsKeywordsexterior green walls, corten, lighting, garden design
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