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Type of project: Plants and Planters

Creating privacy and beauty for a London balcony garden

London Balcony Garden

Green Envee were asked to supply artificial plants and planters for a domestic roof terrace in London


Keeping the weight to a minimum

The main challenge for designing and decorating roof terraces is weight. These balconies are designed to be perfectly safe for people - but if you add large quantities of soil and vegetation it can put extra strain on the structure. The second challenge for sky gardeners is actually lifting heavy materials into place. Nobody wants to be carrying bags of soil up in the elevator!


Artificial plants are ideal for difficult situations

Green Envee sourced beautifully styled high quality, weather resistant planters. They are very robust and will put up with any kind of weather. They're also considerably lighter and easier to manouvre than their metal or terracotta counterparts. For the planting, we recommended artificial bamboo and artificial ferns for the side of the terrace facing other residences. These provide screening and privacy for the seating area. For the front of the terrace the client opted for bonsai trees. The perfect mirror for the mature trees in the park across the road.

CreditsContractor: Pimlico Plumbers
Supplier: Green Envee
ProductsGreen Envee Planters https://www.greenenvee.co.uk/planters Green Envee Artificial Plants https://www.greenenvee.co.uk/artificial-plants
Client: Pimlico Plumbers Plants and Planters
From the start of my project to its completion, Odette was extremely helpful with locating and selecting the right planters and plants for my London roof terrace. I was instantly provided with electronic catalogues and costings that were personally followed with phone calls talking me through the details of each item. Throughout the process I was kept informed of all shipment and delivery dates which always arrived on time and well packaged. When we had a slight issue with two bungs that were missing from the base of the pots, Odette took two from planters they had at the shop and had them delivered the same day. Great service! I would definitely be using Green Envee again as I see them as the Pimlico Plumbers of the the artificial plant business with regates their service and professionalism Charlie Mullins, OBE Founder and Chairman,Pimlico Plumbers Ltd
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