Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Type of project: Outdoor Bar Decor

A truly amazing entertainment space on the roof of Tottenham Hotspur's new football stadium.
Green Envee are proud to have supplied and installed artificial planting solutions for this project.

Creating an Atmosphere for this vibrant rooftop bar

The new Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium in London is all about bringing people together to celebrate sports and fitness. The rooftop bar is a fantastic venue enhanced by vibrant planters stuffed with robust artificial planting solutions.


Light weight materials to master the challenges of building a roof garden

The biggest challenges for building a roof garden are loading (weight), getting materials onto the roof and making sure that those materials are suitable for the sometimes trying conditions on a rooftop. Add to the ambient challenges, the fact that celebrations can lead to spilt drinks, discarded food etc and you have a design challenge like no other.


Artificial Planting Solutions for Rooftop Situations

UV protected artificial plants are well suited to rooftop applications. Firstly, they don't need soil or water - which of course means less weight on the structure of the building. Live foliage for a roof garden needs to be carefully chosen. The wind is stronger on the top of a tall building and it can literally shred leaves. Not a problem with faux foliage. Green Envee's installation team have done a fabulous job of creating and interesting yet tough arrangement of lifelike plants that will withstand all that their situation throws at them and still look amazing.

CreditsInstaller: Green Envee
Supplier: Green Envee
ProductsArtificial foliage plants, artificial flowers, plantersKeywordsroof garden design, roof garden build, bar decor, outdoor plants
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