How your business can benefit from artificial green walls

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02/09/2020 - Artificial Green Walls

Have you considered using artificial green walls for your business? Perhaps you own an office or run a family restaurant? No matter what type of business you have, there are many benefits to installing artificial green wall panels. Here we explain how your business can benefit from biophilic design and artificial green walls during this pandemic.

artificial green wall with signage

artificial green wall office decor

What is an artificial green wall?

Artificial green walls are now a huge part of interior design and especially in the world of biophilic design. As the name suggests they are made from artificial plants and flowers. There are many different styles and arrangements to choose from and they can be placed anywhere. Many business owners opt for artificial green wall panels because they won't fade, don't need watering, they're fire retardant, and are incredibly low maintenance.

In an office

There are so many benefits to using artificial green walls in your office space.

Reduce noise levels

You may be surprised to learn that these walls act as a natural sound buffer. They absorb noise, helping to reduce noise levels, especially in a large open plan office. This means that you can help to create a more natural working environment with reduced background noise that is also pleasing on the eye.

Create a sense of calm

We all need to surround ourselves with a sense of peace and calm during these uncertain times. Introducing biophilic design elements into your office space is a great way to reduce anxiety and workplace stress levels. We all calmer after we have spent time outdoors surrounded by trees and plants. This effect is easily recreated when you install artificial green walls.

Increase productivity

Interior design can have a huge impact on productivity. A light, airy and nature-filled office space will boost productivity as opposed to a dark and cluttered space. Artificial green walls are one way to introduce a biophilic design that will give employees a much-needed lift that will help them get on with their daily tasks in the time of Covid-19.

Simple yet effective office design

We are all living through a global pandemic and this means not only mental health pressures but also financial difficulties. Businesses need to count every penny and even though redesigning the office space may seem like an unnecessary cost, the introduction of artificial green wall panels is fairly inexpensive and will reap many of the above benefits.

In a restaurant

So how can artificial green walls help you and your restaurant?

Don Leon restaurant interior Marbella

Cafe exterior Ealing artificial green wall

Helps to create an outdoor dining experience

We all love to sit and eat a meal or have a cup of coffee surrounded by nature. The outdoor dining experience is also popular at the moment because of Covid-19. This can easily be created in your restaurant with the use of artificial green wall panels. If you have an outdoor dining space then simply choose matching plants and colour options to help create a sense of outdoor dining.

Can entice new customers

Everyone needs a mental lift at the moment and to feel better about themselves. We are being encouraged to eat out to help out, but where should we go to enjoy that dining experience? A restaurant or cafe that incorporates nature in their overall design will be appealing to new customers, helping you to attract new diners.

A relaxed dining experience

As already mentioned an artificial green wall panel will reduce noise levels. In the restaurant environment, this will help to create a feeling of calm and help diners to relax. There is also something incredibly calming about looking at plans and elements of nature whilst eating.

indian restaurant with artificial green walls

interior design for bar area including artificial green wall

Here at Green Envee we are able to design and install artificial green wall panels for any type of business. We can help to advise you on the best type of artificial walls to use for your space and needs. To learn more about how we can help you, simply get in touch with us today.

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