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18/09/2020 - Artificial Plants

There's no denying that plants and other greenery can dramatically enhance an outside space. But, what if you want to enjoy these aesthetic benefits, but don't have the time, inclination or expertise to maintain a garden or green space?

This is where artificial planting solutions can step in to help. Naturally, one of the most common questions people might have will be 'can artificial plants go outside'? Quite simply, the answer is a resounding yes!

Eye-catching and visually appealing

Artificial plants have come a long way over the years. Gone are the days of fake greenery looking plastic, cheap, and well - fake. With improved technology and materials, the quality of artificial landscaping options has gone from strength to strength, with even the most eagle-eyed critic hard-pressed to tell the difference between the artificial version and the real thing.

Indeed, at Green Envee, our artificial plants for outdoor spaces are made from the highest quality components, guaranteed to provide longevity and instant kerb appeal in any space.

designer roof terrace garden with artificial plants

Durable and weather-resistant

The new breed of artificial plants have been designed to withstand the outside elements, ensuring they continue to look pristine for a long time to come. For instance, the artificial plants at Green Envee are UV protected so won't come to any harm when exposed to harsh sunlight.

Versatile solutions

When it comes to artificial greenery for outdoors, faux grass tends to spring to mind, but there are plenty more options to choose from. Artificial landscaping solutions cover the entire horticultural spectrum, including planters, trees, window boxes, green roofs, and walls.

In particular, artificial green walls are in big demand, as they offer a neat and attractive way to cover up unappealing boundaries such as brick walls, fences, or panels.

artificial hedge in Notting Hill

At Green Envee, we installed a lifelike, artificial green wall outside a commercial building on our Green Wall Project, to provide a much more eye-pleasing view for local residents. Read more here

The practical appeal of artificial plants outdoors

Many people are attracted to the idea of installing artificial outdoor greenery if they are faced with challenges to natural horticultural planting options. For example, if you live or work by the coast, salt-laden sea winds can limit your planting palette, but you can increase your planting options with a little help from some artificial plants.

Lots of city dwellers or businesses may have roof space, but planting them up with real shrubs and greenery can prove tricky. Windy conditions can quickly dry plants out, making demands on watering, while heavy soil in pots could put pressure on the roofing materials. Again, this is where artificial planting solutions really come into their own, as they're lightweight, so won't add a load-bearing burden to the roof, and are low maintenance. Crucially, you can ensure the plants look their best all-year-round, enabling you to show off your rooftop space to colleagues, clients, or personal acquaintances.

using artificial plants for a roof terrace bar at Tottenham Hotspur

Green Envee supplied and installed artificial planting to the rooftop bar at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, providing an inviting ambience for all those entertaining in this attractive space. Read our Tottenham Hotspur case study here

Low maintenance

With no watering, weeding, deadheading, mulching or pruning, artificial plants certainly get the thumbs up from those seeking low-maintenance planting solutions. Green Envee can even install the plants for clients, ensuring you don't have to lift a finger.

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